The 2022 rental season is now closed. Our indoor play center will remain closed through December 2023. This includes all indoor bouncing, birthday parties, & Private facility rentals.

someone having a birthday?

birthday parties

Rain or shine, you’ve got a place to celebrate.
Food, cupcakes and lots of room to bounce and smile.

options for everyone

it's time to
celebrate a

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have you seen our custom cupcakes?

We offer some of the coolest and most delicious cupcakes that you can find! Click the image to see some of the awesome cupcakes we’ve had made.

have your birthday party with us

We have 2 large fully decorated birthday party rooms to accommodate any size of party. We offer a base party package that includes 8 kids bouncing for 1 hour plus the full decorated birthday party room for duration of your 1 hour and 45 minute party. For guests wanting to bring their own food, you will only book your base party package and add on any additional guests you would like. However, if you want us to provide the food or other add ons such as gift bags for you guests, simply choose what you want. We offer several different food packages – sandwiches & chips, homemade mac n’ cheese with applesauce, baby burritos and tortilla chips, hot dogs & chips, quesadillas & tortilla chips, or pizza. We can also provide the drinks – juice, gatorade, smoothies, or milk. Want an upgrade to custom themed decorations? We do that too! You simply choose the party add ons you would like along and we can do the rest! We set up and clean up, and you just show up! 

For guests wanting us to do it all with all the best options, look no further. Our Ultimate Party Package has it all!

  • 2.5 hour party with 1.5 hours bouncing followed by 1 hour in the party room.
  • 12 guests (additional guests may be added $/child guest ages 2-13)
  • A fully decorated private party room with custom decor of your choice (from our list of choices)
  • Choice of 1 food package of your choice (from our list of food options)
  • 12 cupcakes in design of your choice
  • 12 drinks – choose from juice boxes or gatorade
  • 12 gift bags for your guests (includes a Bitterroot Bouncers wristband, a balloon, sticker, tattoo, sticky hand, candy, and sunglasses)
  • 12 one hour bounce passes 
  • Birthday child gets to spin the prize wheel for a gift from BB!

 No matter the options you choose, we provide the plates, napkins, and cups, as well as decorations (you may bring in additional decorations if you like though pinatas, glitter, silly string, and confetti are not allowed. You will need to bring the tape to hang any decorations you would like. No push pins please.) Each party room has cubbies and coat racks for your guests to store their belongings, a fridge and freezer to store your food while kids are bouncing, a sink with counter space and a gift/food table. Each party package includes 1 hour of bouncing time followed by 45 minutes in the birthday party room.

 We always start with bouncing and end in the party rooms because eating and bouncing don’t mix! Parents will have access to the party room as soon as it is cleaned and upon checking in at their designated time. Once children finish their hour of bouncing, they will need to remain in the party room for the duration of the party. If guests would like to bounce after their 45 minutes in the party room is up, an additional hour(s) may be purchased at the front desk for $/child/hour thereafter. Children will receive a new bracelet to denote their new paid time. A friendly reminder to make sure all children in your party are aware they need to BRING SOCKS! If any of your guests forget, we have you covered. A pair of socks may be purchased for $ at the front desk.

birthday party rooms

We have two party rooms: a green room and a purple room. What’s the difference? Not much! Only their colors. Both rooms come fully equipped with tables, benches, fridges, counter & sink, & gift table.

cupcake-cake design ideas

cupcake-cake design ideas

bouncing rules

  • No outside food or drink allowed in building except for booked birthday parties.
  • You may bring children’s sealed water bottles with water only. They will need to remain in their cubby while they bounce and children come to the lobby to drink there.
  • No gifts, party favors, or decorations except for booked birthday parties. Guests will be asked to take these items out to their car.
  • NO SHOES, FOOD, OR GUM IN BOUNCY ROOM. We ask that adults remove their shoes and refrain from bringing food into the bouncy room as well. We want to keep the new carpet clean and immaculate for as long as possible and we want to protect our little friends that crawl on the floor!
  • Parents may enjoy their purchased coffee but we ask that all children go to the lobby to eat and drink.
  • Empty pockets and remove jewelry, crowns, swords, and toys.
  • Children must wear socks on bouncies.
  • No climbing on the sides of the bouncies or blocking the entrance/exit.
  • No laying on or bouncing on the sides of the bouncies.
  • No pulling on ropes, or hanging from hooks, and inflatable characters.
  • No front or back flips.No standing on or jumping from couches or tables.


for Bitterroot Bouncers

  • Ages 2–13 are $7.00 their 1st hour, each additional hour only $5.00 per hour per child
  • Ages 2 and under are free with paid sibling, otherwise $3.50 (half-price). (1 free child per 1 full price sibling only please.)