Our indoor playcenter will remain closed through December 2022. The 2021 rental season is now closed due to staffing shortages.We apologize for the inconvenience.

You dan mail your prepaid punchcards to 806 S 1st St, Hamilton 59840 and we will provide a refund for your remaining punches.

it's a family thing

the who & why behind bitterroot bouncers

Bouncy Patrol and Baristas

From our family to yours, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help in building not only our dream, but a place for our community to grow. We had spoken of idea of owning an indoor bouncy house space over the course of a few years, but always in passing. In May of 2017 we stumbled upon the opportunity to start this dream. Bitterroot Bouncers was created and began as a word of mouth backyard bouncy house rental company but quickly caught on in the valley. In 2018, the popularity of bouncy rentals increased which led to the question we had been asking ourselves, “Can we actually start an indoor playcenter?!” There was a clear need for children’s entertainment in the valley and with another amazing opportunity to take on this building, we decided to take the leap. In July 2018, renovations began and continued until January 1, 2019. It has been a long road to get here, but now that we are seeing it come to fruition, it is all worth it. It is our goal as a family and part of this community to provide a safe, clean, and fun space for the valley’s children to come play, celebrate, and be a kid. We are so glad you are here and hope that more than anything you will enjoy your time with us.


bouncing rules

  • No outside food or drink allowed in building except for booked birthday parties.
  • You may bring children’s sealed water bottles with water only. They will need to remain in their cubby while they bounce and children come to the lobby to drink there.
  • No gifts, party favors, or decorations except for booked birthday parties. Guests will be asked to take these items out to their car.
  • NO SHOES, FOOD, OR GUM IN BOUNCY ROOM. We ask that adults remove their shoes and refrain from bringing food into the bouncy room as well. We want to keep the new carpet clean and immaculate for as long as possible and we want to protect our little friends that crawl on the floor!
  • Parents may enjoy their purchased coffee but we ask that all children go to the lobby to eat and drink.
  • Empty pockets and remove jewelry, crowns, swords, and toys.
  • Children must wear socks on bouncies.
  • No climbing on the sides of the bouncies or blocking the entrance/exit.
  • No laying on or bouncing on the sides of the bouncies.
  • No pulling on ropes, or hanging from hooks, and inflatable characters.
  • No front or back flips.No standing on or jumping from couches or tables.

cupcake-cake design ideas


for Bitterroot Bouncers

  • Ages 2–13 are $7.00 their 1st hour, each additional hour only $5.00 per hour per child
  • Ages 2 and under are free with paid sibling, otherwise $3.50 (half-price). (1 free child per 1 full price sibling only please.)