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birthday parties

Rain or shine, you’ve got a place to celebrate.
Pizza, cupcakes and lots of room to bounce and smile.

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have your birthday party with us

We have 2 large fully decorated birthday party rooms to accommodate any size of party. We offer different party package sizes for 8, 12, or 18 kids and you pick what you would like included in your package. For guests wanting to bring their own food, option A will be the package you want. However, if you want a stress free event, then let us do all the work! We can provide the cupcakes, pizza, juice, tableware, and decorations! We set up and clean up, and you just show up! Guests wanting this package will choose Option B.

 No matter the package you choose, we provide the plates, napkins, and cups, as well as decorations (you may bring in additional decorations if you like though pinatas, glitter, silly string, and confetti are not allowed.) Each party room has cubbies and coat racks for your guests to store their belongings, a fridge and freezer to store your food while kids are bouncing, a sink with counter space and a gift/food table. Each party package includes 1 hour of bouncing time followed by 45 minutes in the birthday party room.

 We always start with bouncing and end in the party rooms because eating and bouncing don’t mix! Parents will have access to the party room as soon as it is cleaned and upon checking in at their designated time. Once children finish their hour of bouncing, they will need to remain in the party room for the duration of the party. If guests would like to bounce after their 45 minutes in the party room is up, an additional hour(s) may be purchased at the front desk for $5/child/hour thereafter. Children will receive a new bracelet to denote their new paid time. A friendly reminder to make sure all children in your party are aware they need to BRING SOCKS! If any of your guests forget, we have you covered. A pair of socks may be purchased for $1.50 at the front desk.

birthday party rooms

We have two party rooms: a green room and a purple room. What’s the difference? Not much! Only their colors and when they’re available – the green room parties start on the even hours and the purple room parties on the odd hours. Both rooms come fully equipped with tables, benches, fridges, counter & sink, & gift table.

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